Crnk: JSON API library
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17. Feburary 2018

2.5.20180215232038 is available with further incremental improvements to the relationship handling.

6. Feburary 2018

2.5.20180205212522 with fixes for the relationship handling (#197) and an improved Home module.

4. Feburary 2018

2.5.20180203134649 is available and is all about simplifying and speeding-up relationship handling:

For more information have a look at the documentation.

Next to that there is a new end-to-end example application available based on Angular and Spring Boot: /crnk-project/crnk-example/. The documentation has also been updated in various places (in particular the first five chapters).

13. January 2018

2.4.20180112101521 is available with further Spring improvements:

Next to that there are other improvements and bug fixes:

8. December 2017

2.4.20171208083740 is available:

3. November 2017

2.3.20171103140100 is available:

17. October 2017

2.2.20171015181129 is available:

The architecture of the meta module has undergone some major updates: For more information see also Meta Module. There is further a new release of @crnk/angular-ngrx with performance improvements for form binding. See @crnk/angular-ngrx.

4. October 2017

2.1.20171003194426 is available:

14. September 2017

2.0.20170914102958 is a minor feature and bug fix release.

6. September 2017

With 2.0.20170906114618 a new major version of Crnk is available:

24. July 2017

1.0.20170721162741 is released:

9. July 2017

1.0.20170709163645 is the next release of Crnk coming with some major updates:

26 June 2017

1.0.20170626133151 is released. It patches an issue in the Typescript generator whereas it can fail when it is used together with the Gradle deamon and Deltaspike.

21 June 2017

1.0.20170620140608 is available as minor patch/feature release:

Module Changes
crnk-validation OptimisticLockException.message transmitted as as JSON API error detail
  • Running it in embedded mode with UIModule will no longer display the URL input.
  • Type input component is validated upon changing the url.
crnk-core, crnk-client utf-8 charset added to content-type HTTP request and responses headers
crnk-meta Support for ObjectNode, ArrayNode, JsonNode as primitive types added.
  • Logback setup to avoid uncessary logging during Gradle build.
  • Improved up-to-date checking of Gradle tasks.

10 June 2017

1.0.20170610072810 is available!

1 June 2017

0.9.20170601160228 is available. Mostly a quality release to catch up with Sonar.

25 May 2017

A first version 0.9.20170524133411 is released. Various contributors and existing users currently verify that everything is working smoothly.

While it is the first release, it can already be considered being production stable. The maintainers here moved forward from a mostly private code base that partially was also contributed to As such there is also an easy migration path as Crnk still maintains support for the same set of main annotations and interfaces as Katharsis does. For more information see the migration guide below.