Version: 2.11.20181216142218

Documentation (pdf)

Nested Filters

Typical filter patterns like /tasks?filter[name][EQ]=Super task` work well for most use cases. This release brings further support for complex, nested filters through JSON. It allows arbitrary nesting of AND, OR and NOT expressions. For example:{"OR": {"name": "Great Project", "LE": {"id": 122}}}
More information is available in the documentation.

Revised JPA Setup

The JPA module has a long history with being the first module of Crnk. For this reason it has shown a bit its age and other places evolved quite a bit in the meantime. This release comes with a simplified, improved setup. Instead of configuring the JpaModule itself, the application can specify repositories extending from JpaEntityRepositoryBase:
public class ScheduleRepositoryImpl extends JpaEntityRepositoryBase {

    public ScheduleRepositoryImpl() {
The JPA module will detect those repositories and make them work like in the past with more explicit configuration. The new setup has a number of advantages: The old configuration mechanism is still in place and can continued to be used.