Version: 2.11.20190113153635

Documentation (pdf)

Nested Filters

Typical filter patterns like /tasks?filter[name][EQ]=Super task` work well for most use cases. This release brings further support for complex, nested filters through JSON. It allows arbitrary nesting of AND, OR and NOT expressions. For example:{"OR": {"name": "Great Project", "LE": {"id": 122}}}
More information is available in the documentation.

Revised JPA Setup

The JPA module has a long history with being the first module of Crnk. For this reason it has shown a bit its age and other places evolved quite a bit in the meantime. This release comes with a simplified, improved setup. Instead of configuring the JpaModule itself, the application can specify repositories extending from JpaEntityRepositoryBase:
public class ScheduleRepositoryImpl extends JpaEntityRepositoryBase {

    public ScheduleRepositoryImpl() {
The JPA module will detect those repositories and make them work like in the past with more explicit configuration. The new setup has a number of advantages: The old configuration mechanism is still in place and can continued to be used.

@JsonApiField support for relationships

Support for the readable, patchable, postable, deletable properties of @JsonApiField have been added to relationships to complement the current support of basic attributes.

Support for parameterized super types

Fields in super type can now be parameterized through generics. Crnk will properly resolve those types in subtypes.

Fix for relationship link handling

Self and related relationship links now make proper use of linking, such as paging.

A custom Spring Boot tag provider

Used to properly resolve URIs within the Spring MVC metrics mechanisms.